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GMZN is a creative studio established in Turin, Italy in 2014. Our international team was formed from different backgrounds, but we share a common passion and language for artistic visualization. Each image tells a project, a thought, a story. Our clients benefit from our curiosity and desire to analyze reality, creating an image as close to it as possible or consciously far from it.

We produce visualizations of unbuilt architecture. Whether it is a still or an animation, a piece of furniture or a skyscraper, ice or desert, our ultimate goal is to show architecture in an environment that best communicates the projects identity.

GMZN is also a young design firm working on various scales of architectural projects, from studio apartments to urban regeneration, focusing on humans, with their needs and interactions with the outside world. "Meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to realize their own," is our mission.

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