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LOCATION: Quartiere San Biagio, Ravenna, Italy


CLIENTS: Municipality of Ravenna


YEAR: 2021


STATUS: Competition


TEAM: GMZNstudio - Mario Daudo - Ginevra Serena - Pasquale Milieri - Gary Di Silvio - BTT Studio  

Nature inscribed in the San Biagio complex grows luxuriantly, a green lung with great potential that remains untapped, however, due to the lack of connections to and through the park.


Reconnecting people through places, both natural and man-made.

The master plan was conceived, in addition to the residents of San Biagio, as an attractive hub for the city of Ravenna to realize an open reality that is not aimed exclusively at its residents.


The greenery will become living connective tissue. The connecting spaces, expanding punctually, will host collective functions that will animate the park. Colour will become the common thread between functions, applied to pavements and public lighting, characterizing and activating public spaces at all day hours.


The natural coexistence of the elderly, young people, and families will allow the development of ever-new and stimulating ties, through which it will be possible to lay the foundations for a solid community.

The project will consist of several punctual additions to the existing buildings, which aim to expand the servant spaces with collective functions open outside San Biagio, such as urban gardens and outdoor climbing walls.


The ground floors of the three buildings will work in synergy with the natural space. They will create permeable and autonomous functional entities belonging to a neighbourhood system. This will create a spatial play/sports continuum that will allow adults and children to share spaces and experiences.


Finally, using local, natural and permeable materials and the abundance of social spaces on different levels will make a living in San Biagio an innovative collective living experience.

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